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About US

Travel Smart Is a one stop solution for various modes of travel that includes bus, flights,Cab and railways.

Travel Smart has always been ahead of its time. We strive to be much more than simple travel agency. With a vision to fulfill dreams and make your travel as close to an ideal as you imagined it to be, Travel Smart insists on getting to know its clients and customers.

We believe in matching up our customers and clients with their ideal counterparts in travel that being our travel suppliers. To make this possible, our team at Travel Smart ensures that we get to know you and your travel plans thoroughly before deciding and customizing your travel packages.

Right from the first contact, be it e-mail or the telephone, we ensure that we understand your exact and unique requirements and match it as ideally as possible to you final travel package. Our philosophy at Travel Smart is a way of life. We are here to serve and delight our clients by giving them a dream of a travel package that will change the very way they see travelling. With our innate skill to delight and serve our customers their dream travel packages, it is not surprising that we somehow end with up the best clients!

Travel Smart Real Estate must be aware of the client's budget, purchasing power and communicate the same to the seller. A commission is usually charged from both ends or whom he represents. The Travel Smart Real Estate is equipped with excellent communication skills that is necessary to create rapport with the builders, establish contact with the seller and also understand different types of buyers. Most real estate agents also build a consortium to reap the benefits of active and combined efforts to buy/sell a property and share the commission. This is quite common in urban estates which are getting scarce in today's scenario.

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